Top Tips for Driving Down the Price of Your Driving Lessons


Driving lessons are a must—everyone needs some professional instruction before they get on the road. Lessons can seem very expensive, but you shouldn't be held back by the price. Here are some great tips for saving money on driving lessons.  Choose your instructor  Make sure you take lessons with an accredited instructor. If your instructor is accredited, your insurance company may offer you a discount for completing lessons—however, this will not be available to you if your instructor is not accredited.

21 July 2016

Trucking myths | 4 misconceptions about truck license schools debunked


Trucking schools are a huge help in training people to drive humongous trucks out on the roads. If you have a decent driving record and want to further your driving for more opportunities, then attending trucking schools can be monumental for you. Unfortunately, there are a number of myths about being a truck driver and trucking schools. Some of them can have you debating on whether or not you really want to be a truck driver.

23 June 2016

Leaf It to Me - Fun Ways to Look at the Leaves Falling


As the leaves start to fall in autumn, it's a great time to sit back and reflect on what the changes in season mean. Many young children are intrigued by these changes so incorporating some learning about leaves can be a fun exercise for the kids at a child care centre.  Leaf art Leaves have interesting shapes and patterns. You can explore these in a visual and tactile way by placing leaves of different shapes and sizes under a sheet of paper and gentle rubbing over them with a crayon.

28 April 2016