Trucking myths | 4 misconceptions about truck license schools debunked


Trucking schools are a huge help in training people to drive humongous trucks out on the roads. If you have a decent driving record and want to further your driving for more opportunities, then attending trucking schools can be monumental for you. Unfortunately, there are a number of myths about being a truck driver and trucking schools. Some of them can have you debating on whether or not you really want to be a truck driver. Here are some of the top myths about truck drivers and trucking schools.

Trucking schools are not necessary

Sometimes, you may see adverts for truck companies offering training, or you may have a friend who tells you that they can teach you how to drive a truck. However, going for such options is simply asking for trouble. Trucking schools teach more than just being behind the wheel. The schools will train you to deal with conditions such as runaway trucks, stormy weather and trip inspections. You'll also take skill tests that will sharpen your reflexes and hasten your maneuvers. That's not something you can just pick up while training on the job.

You have to pay a lot for truck driving license

You'll be glad to know that truck training doesn't have to break your bank. You can go for a driving school that offers contract training. The fees are normally discounted when you decide to go for contract training. This simply means that you'll have a job of driving for a certain company for a specific time frame after you get your license. However, you'll be forced to work for that carrier for that period before you can pick another. You could also go to public institutions such as trade or technical schools that are partially funded by the government.

Truck drivers are poorly paid

This is perhaps one of the most pathetic myths out there. Truck drivers are not paid peanuts. The average rate of a truck driver in Australia is about AU$41,504 - AU$79,741 yearly. That is way above the minimum wage and may even increase as you rise up the ladders in your company. So don't let this myth break your spirit.

Truck drivers are drug addicts

Most people believe that truck drivers use a lot of drugs. However, one of the major questions before getting into a truck driver training school is if you've ever failed a drug test. A truck driver will not receive their license if they've had any drug violations. Also, according to a study in the US, only 6% of arrests under alcohol influence were truck drivers.


23 June 2016

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