Top Tips for Driving Down the Price of Your Driving Lessons


Driving lessons are a must—everyone needs some professional instruction before they get on the road. Lessons can seem very expensive, but you shouldn't be held back by the price. Here are some great tips for saving money on driving lessons. 

Choose your instructor 

Make sure you take lessons with an accredited instructor. If your instructor is accredited, your insurance company may offer you a discount for completing lessons—however, this will not be available to you if your instructor is not accredited. Talk to potential instructors about their credentials and check with your insurer as to whether or not the discount will be available.  

Get discount lessons 

Your instructor may offer discounts on off-peak lesson times. If you have the availability, try and schedule your lessons for weekday mornings or periods when other learners are likely to be at work. Your instructor may be happy for the extra work hours and be prepared to reduce the price a little. 

Ask your instructor whether or not they offer any discount for overlapping lessons. In overlapping lessons, you will use the last part of your hour to drive to the next student's house. You are still practising driving but your instructor gets to save time—which could work out well for both of you. 

Put the hours in 

With a provisional licence, you are allowed to drive with a licensed driver over the age of 21; take advantage of this and practise with a friend or relative between lessons. This way you can build your skills and confidence outside lesson time, meaning you could potentially get to test level a lot quicker and save both time and money. 

Practice, practice, practice! 

Driving tests are expensive and require a fee, so the more times you take your test, the more money you will spend. Ask your instructor to give you as many practise tests as possible—replicating the test situation as closely as possible during your lessons. You want to be ready for that test, and you want to pass the first time to reduce the chances of having to fork out re-testing fees. 

There's no getting away from the fact that learning to drive is going to cost you money but follow these simple steps and you may be able to significantly reduce that cost. The most important thing is to work hard at it. The more effort you put in, the fewer lessons you will have to pay for, and the more likely you will be to pass the first time! Contact a driving instructor today to book private lessons.


21 July 2016

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