3 Crucial Skills Developed At An Early Learning Centre

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Early learning centres are developed to nurture your child and aid in their academic and social development during their early years. When you decide to enrol your child at an early learning centre, you may feel worried about how they will settle in and how they will cope being apart from you more than they are used to. These feelings are normal, and centre staff will be on-hand to help your child adapt to their new daily routine as smoothly as possible. For you, it may help to consider the useful skills your child will be learning during their time at an early learning centre. Learn about three crucial skills your child will develop.


Fostering your child's imagination lays the foundation for them to be strong problem solvers and critical thinkers as they grow. Your child will have a lot of time to play and will have access to a variety of stimulating resources that will encourage imaginative play and creativity. They will have time to engage with books, dress-up costumes and toys in a way that interests them and will be in an environment where they can bring their ideas to fruition.


Your child will have lots of opportunities to develop a strong sense of who they are and what they want. Their views on a variety of topics from what to have at snack time to what activity to do after lunch will be sought and listened to, and their opinions will be respected. Your child having a say over how they spend their day and being consulted as individuals and as part of a group will foster the development of their self-confidence. The hope is that when your child moves on to school they will be comfortable asking questions and advocating for themselves.

Respect For Others

Your child will have lots of opportunities to practice their social skills while at an early learning centre. They'll learn to have respect for others through sharing and teamwork activities, and when staff bring small groups of children together to work on a project or discuss what to spend some group time doing, your child will learn to listen to the opinions of others, even if they disagree. They'll learn how their actions and behaviours impact others and will move on to primary school with a strong understanding of the concept of respect.

Your child's time at an early learning centre can help them develop a number of important skills, and it will also prepare them to move into primary education. If you have any questions about how early learning centres are structured, arrange a meeting with staff at any centres you are considering enrolling your child in, such as Hopskotch Kindergarten.


18 July 2023

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I love how life excited my twins, and I want to make sure that they retain that same excitement to learn for their whole life. I want to homeschool them, as they are really smart, and I think that a traditional school might bore them. I am currently doing a lot of study into how to build an impressive homeschooling curriculum for my kids so that they don't miss out on educational opportunities by not having a traditional schooling path. It's interesting for me to learn more about the theories of education and development for children. I'll share my thoughts on this blog.