Is an independent school right for your family?

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Independent schools are an important part of the Australian education system. Alongside Government (or public) schooling and schools administered by the education board they provide a range of options so that parents can choose the most suitable option for their child. 

Here are some reasons that parents choose independent schools over other options.

Autonomy in hiring choices

Autonomy means that independent schools can fire or reassign teachers that are not performing up to appropriate levels. This can be a very attractive proposition for parents as some schools have difficulty in getting rid of poorly performing teachers particularly if they have been employed in the system for a long time. It also means that they can reward better-performing teachers which can help to encourage a school that consistently improves teacher performance. Teacher quality is consistently referenced as one of the most important factors in improving student performance so many parents are drawn to this focused ability to manage teachers. 

Freedom of religious choice

Independent schools come in a variety of religious alignments, as well as non-religiously aligned school. Some parents enjoy having their educated in a religious environment that aligns with their beliefs. Whilst independent schools still need to align to the overall curriculum of the state they can have some freedom in how they approach content and how they give context to each subject that they study. This can be a strong drawcard for some parents who wish their children to get this guidance at school as well as home. 

Freedom in how budgets are spent

Independent school receive funds from the government, as well as parent fees and fundraising. They can set fees at any levels in order to support their program. They are able to act freely within this budget and have flexibility to rapidly adapt to new circumstances. This can include making decisions about buying new technology and resources, spending extra money on facilities or extra teacher support in in-need areas. This ability to react quickly to need and allocate money freely can result in some great facilities and programs in specialist areas which can be very attractive to parents and students. 

If you are wondering if an independent school might be a good fit for your family it can make sense to tour some local schools and ask questions about the programs they offer. Many schools also offer parent liaisons so you can speak to parents who go to the school for another perspective. 


28 July 2016

Homeschooling my twins

I love how life excited my twins, and I want to make sure that they retain that same excitement to learn for their whole life. I want to homeschool them, as they are really smart, and I think that a traditional school might bore them. I am currently doing a lot of study into how to build an impressive homeschooling curriculum for my kids so that they don't miss out on educational opportunities by not having a traditional schooling path. It's interesting for me to learn more about the theories of education and development for children. I'll share my thoughts on this blog.