A Few Questions You Might Have About Confined Space Training

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If you're an employer or manager of any sort, then of course it's your responsibility to provide the safest workplace possible for your employees and staff. This can include spaces that are considered confined; these areas have their own regulations when it comes to safety measures that employees must take when working and the measures that are the responsibility of an employer even if he or she isn't present on the job site. Note a few questions you might have about confined spaces and confined space training so you know your staff is safe and can schedule this training as necessary.

What is meant by, or what determines, a confined space?

A confined space doesn't necessarily mean just a space that is very small, such as an outdoor well. It may refer to something that is not necessarily meant to be occupied by a human, such as a water tank or holding tank of a semi-truck, regardless of its size. It also refers to the danger of the space itself, if there is a risk of the oxygen supply being cut off to workers who may be present in the space or the risk of rising liquid from which workers cannot easily escape.

Note that it only takes one such factor for an area or piece of equipment to be considered a confined space. If you're not sure if a certain job site or equipment your workers will be working on would be designated a confined space, it's good to call a workplace inspector or err on the side of caution and assume it would be designated as a confined space and take all designed precautions for such a space.

What is a rescue plan?

A rescue plan for a confined space means more than just how you would remove a worker who may be trapped in a confined space; it also refers to how you will ensure the openings and exits will not be blocked during work. A rescue plan will also include ensuring that all first aid procedures and equipment are in good working order and readily available while workers are present in the confined space.

Creating a rescue plan is part of confined space training; this training can note how to quickly remove workers that are trapped in a confined space. It will also train your workers on the use of emergency first aid equipment such as specialized breathing apparatus and oxygen tanks.


13 July 2016

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