What You Need To Know About General Induction Training

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Construction is one of the most involved industries. Construction activities go on every day. With advancements in technology and other systems, construction activities and methods can also change considerably. Therefore, many people that are new to this industry may have to undertake a general induction training. This training aims to provide basic knowledge on various legislative requirements related to occupational safety and health in construction. The training also seeks to provide an understanding of the principles of risk management at the construction work sites and the prevention of illnesses or injuries in the construction industry.

Read on to find out more about the training.

Who Needs The Training?

Not everyone may need to complete the general induction training. It is recommended for some groups of people working in the construction industry. These include:

  • People involved in construction activities including the tradespeople, workers, surveyors, and the site managers among others.
  • People who access the operational construction sites whether supervised by someone who completed the training or unaccompanied.
  • People whose jobs entail visiting the operational construction sites routinely. These could be people like inspectors from work safety and health organisations.

How Do You Complete Training?

In most cases, the general induction training is an online course that you can complete within hours based on your speed. On successful completion of the training, you should be given a card, which is mailed to your address. Training is usually done by a registered organisation in the country, so you should watch out for fraudsters.

How Valid Is The Card Across States?

There is both good news and bad news concerning the validity of the general induction card across states. The good news is that the card is usually recognised nationally. Therefore, if your card is not expired, cancelled, or suspended, then it will still be valid or recognised even when you move to another state.

However, this is sometimes subject to how long you have been in the construction industry because things change and regulations in different states may be altered to accommodate the transformations or advancements in the construction industry. Therefore, to ensure that you have the basic knowledge on some of the fundamental aspects in the construction industry, cards from other jurisdictions may only be regarded as valid if you haven't been out of the construction industry for a given number of years. You can find out from the council the exact period required.

For more information about receiving your general induction training OH&S card, contact a company that offers the appropriate training course.


18 May 2016

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