What Information is Needed During a Medical Examination Prior to Dangerous Goods Licensing?

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You may be wondering about what kind of information you will be required to provide if you go for a medical examination when you would like to be given a licence to drive a vehicle that carries dangerous goods. This article discusses some of the information that you may be expected to provide on a questionnaire that you take to the doctor who will conduct your medical examination. 

Information About Your Alcohol Intake

You may be expected to provide information about your alcohol intake. This information may cover several aspects. For instance, you may be required to state how often you take alcoholic beverages in a typical week. You could also be expected to state how many drinks you usually take on those days that you drink alcohol. You may also be required to declare whether you have ever been involved in an accident after taking alcohol. Has your drinking ever raised any concern among family members or health workers? Have you ever felt the urge to drink in the morning in order to start your day effectively? Such information will help the doctor to know whether your alcohol intake will not affect how safely you can drive a vehicle that is carrying dangerous goods.

Information About Heart Health

You may also be expected to provide information on whether you have ever suffered from any heart condition, such as hypertension, chest pain or any other heart disease. You may also be expected to reveal whether a medical practitioner has ever told you that you had a problem with your heart.

Information About Your Vision and Hearing

Another area where you should expect to avail information is your eyesight. Are there any situations when you find it hard to see clearly? When did you last undergo an eye examination? You should also expect to be asked to provide information about any hearing problems that you may have.

Your General Physical Health

Have you ever suffered from any neck or back injuries? Do you ever feel any pain when you sit for long or lift objects? How often do you doze off when you are not engaged in a physically demanding activity, such as watching TV? Such information gives the doctor an indicator of the aspects of your physical health that need detailed investigation before your application to drive a dangerous goods vehicle is approved.

The information that you are expected to provide may change from time to time depending on the needs of the licensing authorities. You should therefore contact the appropriate office in your area so that you receive an accurate description of what is expected. This will enable you to prepare adequately for that medical examination.


18 May 2016

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