Tips to Furnishing a High School Library

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A school library has to be comfortable if any students are going to make use of it. The key to this would be getting school chairs that are comfortable, but there are also a number of other things that you could consider.

Consider the floor plan of the library

The first thing would be to figure out the floor plan of the library itself. This will give you an idea of where you would want your shelves, tables, and school chairs to be. You also need to figure out whether you will designate some areas where the students can congregate to do group assignments or have discussions. This area can be decorated with throw pillows or circular tables that allow them to have privacy close proximity to each other. You could also have beanbags on the floor for students who are tired of sitting by a desk all day long.

Consider storage space for the students

You will also need to factor in the storage needs of the students. They will probably require some storage lockers for their personal belongings that are seperate from their regular lockers. You may also consider having cards with numbers assigned to each of these lockers to ensure that students do not leave with someone else's belongings.

Consider educational extracurricular activities held in the library

The library could also be used to host extracurricular educational activities such as seminars or lectures. For such occasions, the regular school chairs that you have may not be enough. You should by some stackable school chairs, which are easy to store, and easy to take out when needed. These do not have to be bought new. You can get used chairs as long as they are still functioning. It should be noted though that if you would like all the chairs to match, do not buy them second hand. This is because chances are you will find several sets with different pieces. Instead, you could consider getting stackable wooden chairs from a store that sells furniture.

Other considerations for decorating your high school library

Libraries tend to be dull since they are typically viewed as a utilitarian room, rather than an entertainment area. However, this does not mean your high school library needs to appear dreary. You could get brightly coloured carpets to add a pop of colour to the overall decor. You could even consider investing in some beanbags to enable some students to study on the floor, rather than having to sit at a desk all day long.

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5 April 2016

Homeschooling my twins

I love how life excited my twins, and I want to make sure that they retain that same excitement to learn for their whole life. I want to homeschool them, as they are really smart, and I think that a traditional school might bore them. I am currently doing a lot of study into how to build an impressive homeschooling curriculum for my kids so that they don't miss out on educational opportunities by not having a traditional schooling path. It's interesting for me to learn more about the theories of education and development for children. I'll share my thoughts on this blog.